Astrobrick Staff List

We’re currently looking for staff members! We need around 5-10 more people.
Our most urgent need is modelers (creating Blender/Sketchup modelers for the game).
We also need programmers and game builders.

Less importantly but still helpful would be more music designers.
There’s also space for people who want to create game concepts and models in LDD or real life bricks.
Here’s the staff list:

  • Leader: Atomic Scientist
  • Second in Command (possibly retired): Doomslicer
  • General Editor, Game Statistics Manager, Concept Designer, and Organizer: BobaFett2
  • World Designer: Zaxzax12
  • LDD Designer and Programmer: LUModder
  • Lead Coder/Programmer: Gstomi1
  • Programmer: Bennyboo19
  • Audio File Creator: GreyDolphin
  • Head of Stories: AJMagyar

You’re always free to submit ideas. If we like them, we’ll most likely post them (provided they’re something that it makes sense to share) and give you credit. To submit ideas, you can contact any of our members (except Astrobrick) via email.


About BobaFett2

I'm on a lot of sites. And I avoid sites like Facebook and Twitter.
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2 Responses to Astrobrick Staff List

  1. gstomi says:

    Unfornatly, TheAwesomeMe44 Resigned. I think we shoud remove.

  2. LUModder says:

    I’m not gonna do much LDD, more of Blender with Rigging, UV mapping because how I’m gonna make the minifig model it will have 9 single parts to it and will be made with LeoCAD with each part in a different file. That way on Unity I can use the Third Person Controller and have each part move.

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