Interview Week! :)

Hey guys, Atom here, and welcome to the first Interview Week post! 🙂 Here, people can post a resume of what there good at and why they want to join AstroBrick. You got a week to sign up, so dont rush. 😉

What were looking for:

  • Coders:We need a lot more if were gonna get this game up and running. (Must know either Java, C, C+, or C++. Must also have Unity.)
  • Animators:To animate stuff like videos, scenes, etc.
  • Designers:Self Explanatory. (Must have LDD, SketchUp, or Unity)
  • Audio and Story workers. AJ and Grey cant work alone! Its sad. 😦

So, post your resume in the comments below, and me and Doomslicer, my second in command, will consider! 🙂

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One Response to Interview Week! :)

  1. castron10 says:

    Maybe I will try the next week… I am still deciding wether or not I should try and join you guys…

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