Hey guys, I’m BobaFett2. You probably know me. I’m with AB and I’m here to tell you about some changes that have been made.

Atom has agreed that it isn’t necessary for him to be the leader of Astrobrick. Because of the effort which I have put into this game, and Allen’s obvious qualities, Atom has appointed me and Allen co-leaders along with him.

This does not mean that anything in particular will change. What it does mean is that major decisions made in the future will be made more thoroughly and will be thought through more.

I’d also like to welcome Drew1200, Makuta Tarkaidan, Mat-96, and SKP4472 to the team.
As for progress, this week Zaxzax12 has done a great job in the creation of Dark Dunes.


About BobaFett2

I'm on a lot of sites. And I avoid sites like Facebook and Twitter.
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