AstroBrick Staff

Here at AstroBrick we got a lot of staff members working hard on the game;

  • Leader: Atomic Scientist
  • Second in Command: Doomslicer
  • General Editor, Game Statistics Manager, Concept Designer, and Organizer: BobaFett2
  • World Designer: Zaxzax12
  • LDD Designer and Programmer: LUModder
  • Lead Coder/Programmer: Gstomi1
  • Programmer: Bennyboo19
  • Programmer: TheAwesomeMe44
  • Audio File Creator/Audio Leader: GreyDolphin
  • Story Leader: AJMagyar

We currently are STILL looking for more members, so stay tuned for Interviewing Days, where we ask people to tell us about what they think they’d be good at, how good they are at that, and, what we pay attention to here in AstroBrick, how nice people are. 🙂


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