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LEGO: The Balance

Due to a number of factors, including the lack of maturity that most members of the team posses, and the leader (one of said members) quitting, I am closing AstroBrick. If you see this, feel free to join the MOCPages … Continue reading

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Hey guys, I’m BobaFett2. You probably know me. I’m with AB and I’m here to tell you about some changes that have been made. Atom has agreed that it isn’t necessary for him to be the leader of Astrobrick. Because … Continue reading

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We’re done being private. Also, Allenallenallen333 has joined the team and Shafirsabbag’s team from The Creators of Destiny has joined us. We’re finally back on track. Allenallenallen333 has created a working minifigure model in blender and will be creating more … Continue reading

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Weekly Progress Post 2

This week was a rather uneventful one. However, during it, I created the Tutorial zone. It’s simple but should be effective in introducing all of the concepts of the game. A figure or two has been designed. Here’s an early … Continue reading

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The Beginning

A little teaser of what’s to come. This will be either a basic or elite trooper for Vortex, the villainous organization in Astrobrick. Of course, the looks will change (we’ll have to design the skin for the helmet and torso … Continue reading

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Astrobrick Staff List

We’re currently looking for staff members! We need around 5-10 more people. Our most urgent need is modelers (creating Blender/Sketchup modelers for the game). We also need programmers and game builders. Less importantly but still helpful would be more music … Continue reading

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Welcome to Astrobrick!

Astrobrick is one of a number of future fan-created games inspired by the smash hit LEGO Universe. The project leader is AtomicScientist. Here we will post progress and relevant information about the upcoming game.   I’m BobaFett2, who will be … Continue reading

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