FAQ about AstroBrick!

What is AstroBrick?

AstroBrick will be a Fan-Made Game created by the AstroBrick team.  The group was founded when LU and LNA (Lego Nexus Adventures) were shut down for LEGO Fans who missed LU or LNA.

What kind of game will this be?

AstroBrick will be a LEGO 3D Singleplayer Game set in the near future. It will include no official LEGO Themes, but will still be a fun game to play. 😉

When will we get to play the game?

We’re not sure yet, but we think we could have Pre-Alpha up sometime within the next year. Perhaps sooner! 😀

What programs are you using to make AstroBrick?

That would ruin the suprise! 😉

Will we be able to see the development of the game?

Yes and No. We will be posting updates every week or so with pictures and the most recent developments, but you wont get to see much because of our Semi-Secrecy. 😉

Can I join AstroBrick?

For now (As of July 2012) Yes. We currently have 10 members, and are looking for 5-10 more. 1 person is already on standby, so that leaves 9. What we need are programmers capable of using C+/C++/Java, Model Designer’s and Story and Audio People. So, if you’re really good at any of that stuff, post on the Join Page! However, we may make exceptions. 🙂

Can I be an Alpha/Beta Tester?

We will be picking people from interviews. Each will have approximately 15 people signed up for each test.

How can I support AstroBrick?

You can spread the word!

Can we have our own world we can build on, like in LU?

No. Sadly, I’m afraid that we wont be able to do that in game. It simply requires too much work. 😦

If you have any more questions, put them on this page and we’ll answer them! 😉


4 Responses to FAQ about AstroBrick!

  1. gstomi1 says:

    Only 15 for Beta? 50 for Beta! And Later, before Release, Public Beta!

  2. gstomi1 says:

    No, you didn’t understand. Beta: 50 Public Beta: Public!!!

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