Want to Join?

Do you want to join the AstroBrick team? Well, your in luck! Currently, we have 9 (10 if the person who is on pending says no) spots open! The jobs are:

Programmers:We have 4 at the moment, but nothing else is better than a C+, C++, or Java Programmer. 🙂

Game Designer:These guys design the Models, NPC’s, and even custom parts for the game!

Audio Composer: Are you a good musician? Well, you came to the right job! These guys make all the music for AstroBrick. There are no limits in AstroBrick, so if your a guy who likes to think outside the box, likes LEGO Space Stuff, and has a love of Composing, then choose this job!

Story Writer:The heart of a game is mainly comprised of 4 things: Code, Hard Work, Designs, and a Great Story. These guys do Number 4! They make stories for NPC’s, worlds, and maybe even a few tweaks to the storyline! 😉

Now, if you want one of these jobs, post on one of the Interview Day posts, which appear randomly, so you never know. 😉

What an Interview Day is a post only our for a day, where people can post “Interviews” On why they are good for the job and what they can do to help AstroBrick! We take 1 person an Interview Day, so you got 10 chances. 😉

Good luck! 🙂



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